Q1 / 2021

Rapids Wallet/Epay card integration

Providing our mobile wallet users the ability to use their stored funds to purchase items at 40 million retailers world wide.

Video game live streaming platform development

Throughout 2021 we'll be developing a streaming platform dedicated to gamers, allowing them to Broadcast to and earn revenue from their audiences.

Video game live streaming platform crowdfunding commences

Once we have reached a workable model of the streaming platform, we will conduct a crowdfunding campaign to help with marketing and running costs to keep the platform operational.

Masternode governance

Masternode governance will be integrated into the Rapids blockchain allowing masternode holders to vote as a whole and make decisions alongside the rapids team.

Q2 / 2021

Rapids mobile Wallet cold staking integration

Allowing our mobile wallet users the option to delegate their staking power to a friend or their own desktop wallet while staying in full control of their funds and earning the rewards directly to their mobile wallet.

RPDX creation

Rapids token specifically developed to function as an NFT tethered to the price of RPD.

Bridge Creation

This will allow the exchange from RPD to RPDX and vice versa.

Q3 / 2021

NFT game content

Development of the networks first artwork, content and structure for its tokenized games and collectables.

NFT Platform

This platform will host the above mentioned games and collectables offering a market place to purchase and trade as well as interact with other collectors and players.

Video game streaming platform Testing

Video game streaming platform Testing and open beta to select participants of the crowdfunding.

Q4 / 2021

Integration of RPD into the streaming platform for Payments and Tips.

Video game streaming platform public release.

RPD Burn

At the end of the year we'll be hosting another live burn event of 1Million RPD

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