We are fast approaching 2021 and the release of Rapids Network's new Roadmap is imminent.

Over the past year Rapids core team have worked endlessly and extremely hard to achieve the goals in which we had set out and some that weren’t planned but as a team thought it was important to bring to you.
Rapids World
Providing the community the benefit of having their own social media. Basically, building the most effective and up to date forum with a genuine interest in the Rapids Network, adding contests and the opportunity to speak with like minded people and liaise with one an others content personally.
Rapids Host
Providing the community the security of an in-house Smart Pool and Masternode hosting platform and creating revenue for the network to continue to develop and expand. Still in its early stages but has been proven to be an excellent addition to the network so far.
We understand and appreciate your patience while we continue to work around the clock to finish up the remaining 2020 Roadmap goals.

Summary of 2020 so far...


Rapids Network 2.0

Rapids 2.0 allowed us to implement higher Staking and Masternode rewards for our users, as well as increasing the transaction speed, majorly reducing wallet sync times and adding extra security to our network.

5 Billion RPD Coin Burn Live

The 5 Billion RPD coin burn was to reduce the amount of coins left that are to be distributed, by doing this we gave our current and future holders of RPD security in knowing that there are 5 billion less RPD to be unloaded on the network. This also provides future benefits such as an increase of volume and liquidity to the network by making RPD scarcer.

Rapids Mobile Wallet Release

Purchase crypto within Rapids wallet with BTC and FIAT. LinkShare technology, allowing sending and receiving via URL link.

Listing On A Popular High Volume Exchange

RPD gained a listing on Coinsbit exchange at the time of listing Coinsbit was a top 15 ranked exchange on Coinmarketcap.

Heavy Marketing Campaign

We conducted several marketing strategies including numerous AMAs with third parties, social media ads, interviews, promotional activity with partners such as advanced.gg, English PL billboards and much more, we continue to market and promote the Network and all of its platforms and products.



Tipbot 2.0

We appreciate the excitement and eagerness for the release of the Tipbot and user hub. We want to make sure its perfected and faultless upon release. Further work on user hub, Tipbots to hub connections and cross platform addresses will continue into early next year with release of the Telegram v2 coming first.


Rapids Visa Debit Cards

A major step to the Rapids Debit Card end goal is now complete… The Rapids mobile wallet which will harness the debit card technology. Talks are continuing with providing companies and we are working alongside partners to fulfil this goal by early 2021.

Alone We Are Strong, But Together We Are Stronger!